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By Tibor

The Happiness of Pursuit

There is no doubt that our attitudes shape our outlook, impact our activities, and as result drive our outcomes, both good and bad.  This is why so many people default to attitude when they are trying motivate their team.  The challenge is that there are time when a change in attitude can motivate an individual or a group to overcome obstacles and  move forward.  Just as there are time when it will take more than just a change in attitude to carry on successfully, and in our case, win sales.  Words are part of it, but they are not entirely it as some would have you believe.

Attitudes need to be combined with actions to make a difference, especially if you are looking for a sustainable difference, not a momentary “uplift”.   While it is true the professionals who are known to be consistent top performers, be they in sales, sports or finance, that top 10%, the ones in the rest of pack aspire to be, are often said to have a winning attitude.   But when you examine it more closely, it is often their actions that drive their attitude, and this creates the winning combination.  The key is that it is created and maintained in a proactive fashion.

I don’t remember which runner was quoted to say when asked about her training for marathons (and I am paraphrasing) “the hardest thing about running is getting out the door”.  In other words attitude may get you to and out the door, but it is you actions that drive actions and results, which in turn allows for the attitude to get to and out the door next time.

There are many professionals who aspire to be good, great, the best, and can muster up the attitude to win in the short term, but it takes discipline and action to sustain it over time and bring the behavioural change that is required to be better than yesterday.  We tend to celebrate the good the wins, just as we ignore, rationalize or both when it comes to the bad, or losses.  Both reflect an attitude, and your attitude will help you get back after a loss and give it another go, but it is action that will change it to a win.

We have all heard of top professional athletes who are first to arrive and last to leave the arena for practice and game day, and many put that off to a winning attitude, but it is really action.  It is the actions off a sales professional that has him read all the notes from the previous week’s meetings on Sunday, so he know what action has to be taken in the coming week to produce the victories he needs.

Attitude without discipline and follow through is admirable, but not enough to make one a reliable contributor or winner.  On the other hand, those who work every day at improving their activities, their execution, develop and maintain the discipline to continue the act, review, adjust, and execute again to make sure they continue to win not matter what the market throws at them.  A winning attitude is one that drives action day in and day out that moves us closer to our objective, for runners it is a personal best, rather than winning the marathon, but in achieving that personal best, we use attitude as a catalyst for action, day in day out, and that’s why winning is an everyday thing, not a once in a while effort.  As I have said before, sales is about execution, everything else (including attitude) is just talk!

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Tibor Shanto

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