Win The Sale Without Compromising on Price20

All sales aren’t created equal. In High-Profit Selling, my friend, Mark Hunter shows you how to close deals that truly make a profit.

In these times of shrinking margins and diminishing returns, Mark’s insights will change the way you think about discounting, price, negotiating, and, above all, the all-important concept of value.

Filled with personal stories and Mark’s road-tested methods, High-Profit Selling, will show you:

•    How to ensure prospects are serious and not shopping for price
•    Ways to confidently communicate value
•    How to avoid discounting and sell at full-price
•    The secret to successfully executing a price increase with existing customers
•    Proven methods to grow business and maximize profits

Get your copy now and gain instant access to dozens of e-books, special reports and audio programs from some of the sales world’s leading experts!

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