Proactive Prospecting

Proactive Prospecting In today’s economy, businesses and sales professionals cannot afford to wait for customers to beat a path to their door. Companies must “go on the offensive” and take a proactive approach to finding new customers and new sources of revenue.

Statistics and experience proven over and over again, companies that achieve exceptional sales and revenue growth understand that one of the most critical steps in building a pipeline of new opportunities is securing that first appointment with potential buyers.

Our Proactive Prospecting Program delivers a practical and proven methodologies to help your sales teams open doors locked to other sellers, get their “foot-in-the-door” with buyers so they can begin selling.

Our SDR’s are our front line in engaging and bringing on new clients.  We invested in the tools they need to succeed.  But it was the investment in Tibor’s Proactive Prospecting Program that brought the tools together and elevated results.  As a result of our work with Tibor our SDR’s are focused on both the dynamics and content of the call, prepared with stronger opening statements, ready to take objections and turn them to sales conversations and more appointments as a result.  We can measure the difference Tibor has made and the value he has added to our SDR’s and increased returns on the tools we invested in for their success.  I would recommend Tibor and the Proactive Prospecting Program to anyone building out their SDR team.

The Proactive Prospecting Program helps your teams to leverage all prospecting resources available to them, including contact strategies, social media, campaign design, telephone techniques, e-mail, and other tools. From getting the opportunity to speak with decision makers, to understanding the dynamics of initial contact, anticipating and managing objections.

Participants learn a proactive approach to using voice mail to actually get calls back from prospects, working with "gatekeepers", proactively managing outcome.

We help your team take an interruption to a conversation to engagements. This is a learned skill that will evolve as they adopt the key practices, and evolves with market changes. The more your teams put the method into practice, the more upside they and your company will see.

The Proactive Prospecting Program enables sales professional to use proven methods for generating leads, overcome the fear of call reluctance, capitalize upon referrals, open more doors and secure more appointments with key decision-makers across buying organizations. Participants develop a complete appointment making approach, using multiple channels for engaging with buyers.

Develop effective strategies for anticipating responses and handling issues that are common in getting that crucial first appointment. Sales professionals create their own individual approach for qualifying and executing the steps required in getting more and better appointment faster. They build the key skills necessary to generate new business, and practice these newfound skills through role-playing to ensure the successful application of what was taught.

The Proactive Prospecting Program is a highly interactive program that introduces a unique approach to setting appointments that is guaranteed to yield effective sales results for companies in any industry. Your company’s sales staff will learn to get their foot in the door so that they can start selling to prospects immediately.

Program Benefits

  • Develop strategies for penetrating accounts
  • Maximize prospecting time for best results
  • Understand benefit of selling to "C" suite and Executives
  • Change status from "vendor" to "value added partner" with prospects
  • Deploy a full array of tools to deal with all modes of communication
  • Take a proactive role in expanding opportunity base
  • The importance of defining your value to buyer in the first contact
  • Understand the nature of objections and how to professionally deal with objections
  • Effectively deal with gatekeepers and voicemail
  • Use references to penetrate new accounts
  • Team members commit to the value of building their base of opportunities
  • Generate more sales as they secure more new appointments
  • Develop techniques for making successful cold calls
  • Turn leads into viable prospects by getting that first appointment
  • The importance of having a "next step"

"Thorough - simple - able to put in to practice right away. Expect immediate results"

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