GAP Selling

Gap SellingAlmost every conversation in sales, starts or ends with the pursuit of value; at the same time there are as many different definitions and understandings of value as there are sellers and buyers. Without a clear and actionable definition of value, many conversations between buyers and sellers are less than effective, fail to create alignment around what the buyer is trying to accomplish, and do not help to create a purchase decision.

The GAP Selling method builds on an ACTIONABLE DEFINITION OF VALUE:

Those services and/or products that remove barriers, obstacles, or help bridge GAPS between where the buyer is now – and – their objectives!

The overarching goal of the methodology is to focus on the buyer’s objectives, uncovering their objectives, then delivering specific means of helping buyers achieve those objectives.

Expanding on the EDGE Framework, sellers learn how to focus on value for the buyer by executing the GAP methodology.

GAP Methodology

GAP Selling consists of a five plank platform for engaging with prospects, co-navigating the buy/sale cycle and driving sales success.

  1. Time Allocation – Identifying and validating buyer’s objectives
  2. Breaking down “Value” and why buyers buy to actionable components – Understanding why buyers really buy
  3. Understanding why buyers buy from you and your company by leveraging 360o Deal Review – Why Buyers buy and don’t buy from you and your company specifically
  4. Formulating better questions which allow buyers to fully articulate their objectives – Converting the above to Impact Questions for quality conversations
  5. A disciplined approach to follow-through questions drilling down to uncover opportunities for the buyer and the seller – A structured follow-through approach to maximize alignment with the buyer, increase engagement and impact to create mutual value, and action by buyers
Mine the Gap

The GAP Selling method is a proactive way to work with all segments of the market, including those often overlooked or ignored buyers usually ladled as “Status Quo”. Habitually overlooked because most sellers do not possess the process or skill to engage with this group of buyers rich with potential and opportunity, choosing instead to spend time chasing self-declared buyers – same buyers already pursued by others, buyers in a position to drive down your price, margins and values.

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