Follow Through Action Plan

Follow-Through Action Plan

The Follow-Through Action Plan is specifically designed to reinforce and enhance the concepts taught by Renbor and to coach workshop participants to adoption, consistent application, sustained behavior change and greater success.

Everyone has heard that studies have shown that it takes 21 days to develop new habits. Some have shown that not only do you need to stick with it for 21 days, but actually have to execute or perform the new habit several time during that period in order to achieve successful and sustainable behaviour change.

Follow Through Action Plan

So why is it that most sales “programs” consist of one or two-day workshops, and then you are left on your own to drive change and ROI?
Let’s face it, often the journey-man trainer has not even left the parking lot and the sugar high of most workshops begins to wear off. Your team begins to go back to old habits before the check is cashed.

At Renbor we believe that a program should consist of pre-work, the workshop, but most importantly the FOLLOW-THROUGH ACTION PLAN, this is where we help your team implement what they have learned, put it into practice more than seven times, and stick with it for much more than 21 days.

Renbor provides a structured follow-through program involving a series of interactions with your team including live and web based meetings and conference calls, to ensure that your team applies the techniques taught in the workshops. During the Action Plan, each workshop attendee will have activities which will reinforce the training. Renbor will engage with your sales team, manager and individual rep, to coach, provide feedback, find tune, answer questions, and assist the reps and manager in mastering and perpetuating the skills learned during the program.

Plans will be used to set specific objectives for each rep, and to evaluate progress. Sales Managers will be guided on how to best implement the development plan for each rep, and a means of evaluating and continuously updating plans to meet evolving objectives with the use of scorecards.

We also work with your front line sales managers to ensure they are in a position with ACTION PLAN that will help them extend and perpetuate the benefits of the program after Renbor's involvement, helping you maximize your ROI.

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