What we do

At Renbor Sales Solutions Inc., we work with B2B sales organizations focused on improving and increasing their sales effectiveness in delivering consistent and predictable revenue growth. We believe, and our clients confirm that fundamental to sustained growth is continuous focus on acquiring new business, be that by going deeper and wider in existing accounts, ensuring penetration and retention – or – by constantly bringing on new clients. Mastering these skills ensures new and growing revenue. We help our clients achieve their revenue objectives by enabling their sales teams execute more proficiently. After all, in sales it is all about Execution.

Execution is the last word in sales – everything else is just talk!

We focus on four pillars of sales success:

Proactive Prospecting
The Sales Process
Gap Selling
Sales Management
Follow Through Action Plan

And then tailor our programs based on each clients specific objectives.

Our programs are truly programs, which is why they work.  Our methodology helps sales professionals change their behaviour while upgrading their skills by leveraging both a proven sales methodology, and a learning model that ensures adoption and sustainable behavioural change.  Implementing our 3D Professional Development Model, we start by getting to know your company, where you are in the market and where you want to be. Then interview the team, including management, to understand where the opportunity for improvements are at each level of the sales force. We then tailor the modules and delivery to suit your team, requirements and objective.

The value-add is in the Follow-Through Action Plan, a structured approach to ensuring that your team adopts the methodology and puts it into practice. Unlike the one or two day “workshow” delivered by journeymen trainers, our clients get value-add of a practicing sales professional, working hands on with your team to ensure implementation well after the workshop. We bring accountability to adoption and selling, working with your reps and helping your managers perpetuate the changes and ensure sustained behavioral change in the way your team sells.

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