Voice Mail Week – Part I – Context – Sales eXchange 206 (#video)2

By Tibor Shantotibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca

TV Head

Here we are the last week of the first half of 2013, the first full week of summer, what better time to focus on every seller’s second favourite topic, voice mail.  The Discovery channel has their annual tradition of Shark Week, and now we introduce Voice Mail Week.

Because after all, voice mail is the gift that keeps on giving, when done right, and that is what we will focus on this week.  I suspect that this time round will be no different than other times that we have talked about voice mail, and that is mostly because no one really has the definitive answer when it comes to leaving voice mail for new potential B2B buyers.  What we do have however are two different things, facts and opinions.  Opinions usually come from those who have not tried the technique, mine or any, but feel compelled to share their non-experience, mostly in the form of their fears vis-à-vis the issue in question, which I think generally reflects their fear of success.  Then we have facts from those that have tried it, perfected it and profit by it.

Below is the first of three installments (2 video) looking at voice mail and how to use it to your advantage and sales success.  Take a look, take it in, take it on the road, and then let us know.

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Tibor Shanto

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