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“Don’t care what they say about me, as long as the spell my name right” Unknown celebrity

I am not sure who the quote above is attributable to, but I have adopted a 21st century version of it for my blog an writings in general:

“I don’t care who borrows, posts or uses things I write, as long as they get my link right”

For the most part this has led to some good discussion, a lot of learning for me, and if I take them at their word, has helped some sales people to sell better.

It recently came to my attention that a blog, (don’t worry, I’ll name), had commented on my content, challenging what I had written.  It seems, Chris Holman, of ClientWise, in a blog post titled “Get the Upper Hand on Voicemail“, , doubts my repeated experience of getting 50% of voice mails I leave for B2B prospects returned within 72 hours,  to quote:

“Although I would dismiss some of Mr. Shanto’s assertions as sheer puffery, e.g. “50% of my voicemails are returned in 72 hours”, I actually like the way he frames up the entire communication environment that has led to the prevalence of the use of voicemail today.”

Puffery, I mean I gave up smoking cigarettes years ago, talk about a complement that still stings!

I have left a comment on Mr. Holman’s blog, challenging him to put the method to the test.  I am willing to put up!  Will it surprise you to know that Mr. Holman has yet to approve or publish my comment, I wonder why?  But I will repeat my offer to teach him the method and help him achieve what I and many of my clients have come to expect, people regularly and willingly calling us back based on a voice mail we leave.  I have yet to hear back from Mr. Holman, I want to think it is because he has tried the method and is now spending his time busy with returned calls, but who knows.

One thing I have come to learn in my learn in my role, is that the very same people who say you can’t possibly do something you do daily, are really saying they themselves can’t do it, and lack the wherewithal to step beyond their own limitations to experience new success and growth.  Pity!

Next Step

  • Mr. Holman, give me a call
  • I have a free pass for my upcoming Proactive Prospecting Workshop in Toronto April 13, we’ll cover voice mail specifically
  • Try it, it is amazing what you can do, when you choose to do it, instead of doubting

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