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Join me today as I deliver my segment of the Internal Sales Curriculum for Top Sales World’s Top Sales Academy.

I will be focusing on how to best sell in changing times and markets by leveraging GAP Selling.  While the curriculum is billed for internal sales, this GAP Selling presentation is applicable to all B2B sellers, inside or field sales.  The presentation will present a sales framework that will allow you to succeed in changing markets.

Changing times and markets means you have to change how you sell and who you sell to.  This session will show you what you need to think about before you start your sales, and what you have to do to succeed in new or any buying environment.  You will be introduced to GAP Selling, a five plank platform for selling success based on an actionable definition of value for the buyer.  The planks are:

  1. Time utilization
  2. Identifying and validating buyer’s objectives
  3. Why Buyers buy and don’t buy from you and your company
  4. Converting the above to Impact Questions for quality conversations
  5. A structured follow-through approach to maximize impact and progress Participants will learn how to use the above to create alignment with the buyer, their objectives and buying process

Participants are introduced to the model and key steps they need to take to implement model, they will be able to go back to their organizations and evaluate they current model, and prepare to introduce elements they may be missing.

You can hear an interview I did with Top Sales World in advance of the event:

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