Time Is the Currency Of Sales20

If you are in sales, front line, executive or in between, you have probably been involved in a discussion as to whether sales is an art, a science, or what specific mix of the two. Regardless of where you are on that issue, the one thing that remains constant is TIME. Time after all is the currency (as in tender) of sales.

The importance of time and the choices we make in how we use it is not limited to sales, but in sales they played and important and often overlooked or ignored role. There are volumes written on time management, some of it better than others, but I think they miss the mark just a touch, but that touch can make a difference, especially as the miss compounds through the sales cycle. Our view has been that since time is already managed, it already comes in packages of sixty, 24 packages per box, and seven boxes per carton. More important is how you choose to allocate your time, and how well you manage the activity you have allocated time to, for a full discussion see the monthly edition of The Pipeline article titled Allocate Time – Manage Activities .

So if we look at sales as being the currency of time, the goal is to use the funds wisely, much like you would when building a portfolio. Proper asset allocation, making sure that have enough of each activity, making sure that asset fits in to the over all goals of the portfolio. Having a diversified set of securities within each asset group to help balance and manage risk. Looked at another way, time is your working capital, you are given a specific amount at the start of the year, you are then give a quota or target, a required rate of return, then it is up to you how you hit or exceed that goal. How you do that is the science <> art debate. Everyone has a style, a methodology, a process (or should). They do things differently and achieve different results with varying levels of effort. But it all steams from the ability to use time efficiently and wisely.

Things like yields per call, per client, per product, territory and more allow us to plan measure and execute to achieve the greatest return on our investment.

Sell, or invest well,
Tibor Shanto – The Pipeline

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