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I think as a profession, not just sales trainers, educators, coaches, etc., but firms that advise on selection of the above, software enablers and the like have a bit of a challenge to overcome. Seems while the economy was unravelling last year, authors and bloggers were busy writing about how Obama is the new model for sales excellence, at times missing the obvious.

When the economy tanked out in the dark of winter, some pundits began to write about selling in the slump; while others went on to suggest that we should just choose not to participate, turn off the TV, and turn off reality. There were some like Skip Anderson who pointed out the lunacy of just opting out, You Refuse to Participate in this Recession? Get a Clue! but for the most part, people saw a chance to milk s trend.

So now that it seems clear that things have for the most part bottomed out, and knowing that in B2B sales closing is not instantaneous, but takes time, why do we continue to put out articles and webinars and e-books dealing with recession selling or selling in a slump?

Should we not be helping people ready themselves for the turn? Even of we are not yet on the way to recovery, our activities as sales professionals should position us to take advantage of things to come. With stretched cycles, much of what we do today will not bare fruit for a few months down the road, so we would better serve our audience by preparing them for that rather than commiserating about what has already been decided. So in addition to taking that stance here, we will be pointing to other posts that are looking and trying to be leading indicators rather than focused on the lagging. So if you see some good forward looking posts or writing, please share.

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