The inconvenient truth about cold calling11

So generally I don’t get caught up in fads and passing trends, but with -20 degrees outside, I really want to get some of that global warming here soon man, where are Al and Tipper Gore when you need some.

The only upside to this deep freeze is that the cold calling is warm by comparison. But you know, I talk to some reps and they are telling me that they are not making calls because (get this) “when it’s cold like this people don’t wanna meet sales people”. What do you want to bet that this same guy will tell me that you can’t cold call in August because “people don’t wanna meet when it’s so hot”. So here we are, the real inconvenient truth about cold calling, you gotta do it! January, February, Monday, Thursday, Easter, Ramadan, Purim, August, when ever! I told him to put a touque over his head set and make some calls. He did, he got an appointment, I got paid, cranked up the heat and headed for the door, I thought I saw Al Gore in a limo.

Sell well,

The Pipeline

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