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By Tibor Shanto –


Short and sweet today, being Thanksgiving in Canada, need to focus on some non-sales things, but felt it was worth extending that in to the post today. As sales people, we really do have a lot to give thanks for, not the least of which is the options presented when the job is done right.

Unlike some professions, sales does deliver that unique combination of unlimited financial rewards, personal growth and development, but most importantly, the opportunity to be almost completely in control of your day, and your destiny. Of course with that freedom and control to do as we see fit based on the specifics of each sale, comes accountability. Some are thankful for this, others see it as a burden, a necessary evil that comes with the ability to the master of your destiny and financial state.

Of course if you do not see sales as a profession for realising a creative outlet that delivers more financial rewards as you get more creative, then maybe you don’t like the accountability. And that’s OK, there are plenty of positions in the corporate world where one can thrive, even contribute, without having to be accountable.

What other profession delivers different challenges every day, often variations on previous themes, but different in the way they unfold, requiring us to look at something familiar in different ways every time a new chapter unfolds. While it may not be unique, but what other profession rewards you to the degree sales does when you choose to learn from the past while embracing the future, rather than rewarding you for living in the past, and avoiding the future.

I often speak to sales people stuck with the outlook of someone imprisoned in a job defined by routine and repletion. Some are seeking to break out and grow, they are a pleasure to work with, because they challenge you to help them improve, as much as they challenge themselves to change and improve. But there those that resist change, and with every effort offered to help them change, they dig and entrench themselves further in the status quo. Just like some buyers. There is a clue.

Well which ever camp you are in, I trust you are thankful for what you have, your station in life, and your evolution in the never-ending journey of sales improvement and success; here is to a happy Thanksgiving!

BTW, for my American friends, just bookmark this piece and read it again on November 28.

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