“We have been working with Tibor Shanto for a number of years, Tibor delivers practical and implementable skills based training that has directly impacted our results. Tibor took the time to understand our business and objectives and helped as develop a process which continues to help us improve sales and customer satisfaction. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Tibor, who for my money is Canada’s number one sales trainer.”

Derek Clarke, Vice President of Sales, Braithwaite Technology Consultants Inc.

“We started working with Tibor a couple of years ago; he has helped us in developing both a process for selling, opportunity management and related skills. One of the key factors in selecting Renbor Sales Solutions was Tibor’s willingness to take time to understand how we work and tailor the program based on that. Once we implemented the EDGE process, Tibor worked with us in the months that followed to ensure it was working for us. This same type of follow up coaching also ensured that skills training was adopted and helping the sales team drive sales. I look forward to continuing our work with him.

Shawn Dearman – VP Sales & Marketing, Meyers Transportation Services & General Manager Mortrans Inc.

“Tibor managed to break down individual issues on my team that prevented people from reaching out and expanding their business. Since his integration with our team we have managed to add 2 of the top 20 firms in Canada in our vertical that we have wanted to work with as clients. We see Renbor as a business partner and look forward to continuing with other modules in their program.”

Warren Shapiro, Practice Leader, Brunel Life Sciences

“I found the workshop extremely informative and time well spent. Tibor is an excellent coach and manages to get his thoughts and principles across while also managing to keep his audience engaged for an entire day. Anyone who (should be) spends their time hunting for new sales opportunities over the telephone should take this course… Unless, of course you happen to be in the same industry as me which I’d then have to recommend that you stay away. Thank you Tibor, we have already started implementing may of the techniques and tracking systems you spoke of.”

Jeff Sutton, Vice President, Business Development, ISB Corporate Services

“Renbor’s approach and workshop was straight forward and practical, both our new and experienced account managers found it constructive, effective and easy to put into practice.”

Clay Cocalis, VP Sales & Field Marketing TowerGroup

The results from CCT Logistics’ implementation of the “sell better program” have been superb! The program’s understanding and structure of the sales process, with emphasis on cold call discipline, transitioning through to close, is unique because it creates internal visibility throughout our organization.”

Ian Brooks, Vice-President Sales & Marketing CCT Logistics

Tibor, thanks again for the training course. Your ability to address the concepts with reality puts power into the content.”

Ingrid B. Gutzmann, Sales Manager, Major Accounts IKON Document Efficiency At Work

“The EDGE sales methodology has helped us fine tune our selling process, but more importantly, it has helped us take measurable steps towards execution. These consistent steps have made a big impact.”

Shamir Furtado, VP, Public Sector, Imex Systems Inc.

“Renbor Sales Solutions Inc. took the time to work closely with the Sameday Right-O-way leadership to understand our specific requirements, and then developed a process and program to suit our needs.”

Kurt Brandes, VP Sales, Sameday Right-O-Way

“Since implementing the training the volume of quality appointments has increased dramatically. I would recommend Renbor to any firm looking to improve your firm’s ability to secure face to face meetings with prospects.”

Jim Rovers, AFI International Group Inc., VP National Sales and Marketing

“Tibor did a great job in working the ‘price’ issue that the attendees noted as the key roadblock to selling more fuel, by building in some sales techniques to promote all aspects of the fuel offer rather than dwell on price.”

Bill Stait, Imperial Oil, Calgary

“Your follow up after the training was complete was also very beneficial and I think it will help to have an annual check up with the Sales VP’s. I look forward to working with you in the future and monitoring the progress as we move forward. Thanks again for your help.”

David Rae, President and CEO, Allied International Credit

“The real value of the program, as far as I am concerned, is the diligent follow-up coaching that has taken place, helping us to keep the momentum and address successfully the change management challenges inherent in driving a new sales approach.”

Louise Villeneuve, Vice President – Business Development and Marketing, SCI Group

“Immediately after our sales representatives participated in Tibor Shanto’s training session for Appointment Booking, we saw a dramatic increase in their closing ratio of appointments booked. We were also very impressed with Tibor’s follow-up program afterwards and our representatives appreciated being able to phone Tibor directly for feedback as they finetuned their newly learned skills. Tibor is a true expert when it comes to telephone skills training, particularly in today’s challenging business environment when you have to deal with voicemail and caller id.”

Karen Hammel, Director, Marketing & Sales, Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines Limited (M-O Freightworks)

“I would suggest that the training from yourself, played a part in getting the folks organized. The results of the training have been very beneficial in new sales captured during 2005.”

Bob Meachen, North America Lubricants, ChevronTexaco

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