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Selling To Sybil0

By Tibor Shanto

I always find it amusing listening to sales people or marketing people talk about buyer persona, seems half have no idea what the word means, and if not for fashion could care less.  I worked with a company that had very clear and detailed outline of the various personas (or is it personae?), they sold to, each based most on their corporate roles.  At the same time, another company equated “persona” to title, a great example of someone using “persona” for fashion.

While the former was better, they still missed the mark in a couple of common ways.  First is the propensity to work with personas based on “Title”, or corporate roles, mostly hierarchical.  There is no doubt that these are important attributes of any given sale, “persona”, a bit of a stretch, a cool one, but a stretch nonetheless.

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multi personality 800

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