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Seems everybody is on about time, just as we finished a series of posts about time allocation, managing activities, and time’s impact on sales, prospects and sales professionals. So it was with interest that I read the following post at, Time Management Blogwatch – November 9, 2008. Not surprising, time after all is the big equalizer, or destabilizer, depends where you position yourself.

Another hot topic these days is cold calling, some say it’s dead, some say it has been reborn, others say “why me?” I think it is like what Frank Zappa said about jazz, “it’s not dead it just smells funny!” Of course the ones that say it is dead are the ones who are not getting results. Could it be that the way they are making the calls is causesing it to smell funny? One battle cry is that it is ineffective and not successful, and the leap, the conclusion is that executives don’t like cold calls, so why bother. I tend to go with those that realize that done right, cold calling is still one of the most cost and time effective means of reaching executives. The issue is how you do it, and for the patient ones there are a lot of good blogs our there for input; but you have to do the work. As for the others, the ones who have sworn off, I respect and thank you for leaving it to those that profit from it.

The other fun reading these days is all about recession proof selling; selling in a slump; one has to wonder if it is the economic slump, or a sales slump, which happens to some at the height of the market, and happens to most when they weren’t selling during the boom but rather taking orders. I guess orders drying up are a sign of recession in sales, and having to apply your craft is a depression? A lot of really good stuff, but as you read it you come to realize that good selling is good selling recession or otherwise. My question is, do we have the sales masses revert back to what they were doing before the recession once the economy picks up. Because if the answer is ‘no’, then it leaves us with the fact that there is no replacement for proper selling regardless of what the weather is doing outside.

But with all that said and done, don’t forget to take time remember those that fought so we can share these musings freely.


Sell well,
Tibor Shanto – The Pipeline

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