Prospecting by Text34

It is amazing how little progress there has been in sales over the last couple of years, despite all the talk.  My friend Keenan, The Sales Guy, is conducting a survey on his blog asking if texting is a viable and legit means of prospecting, please go and participate.

I will try and bias here by telling you that two years ago I posted on the same topic and got a mouth and earful from those who felt it was over the top, and nasty!   Well, it is not, and Keenan accurately states, if it is on your business card, you want me to use it.

So, go have your say, and lets see if the dial has moved since 2010.

What’s in Your Pipeline?
Tibor Shanto


  1. Paul

    For me personally…I hate it when I get text from “prospectors”! I feel like this…if I want it…I will go looking for it. Don’t come to me pushing stuff on me I don’t want! I must feel real strongly about this topic…I don’t post comments on anything, but I have here…lol

    • admin


      I hear what you are saying, but is it not the job of the sales person to “make you want it”, if I wait till you know you want it, I have to compete with all the other sellers.



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