Last Chance to Win!2

Art of 2013

Today is your last chance to enter to win tickets for the The Art of Sales…, taking place in Toronto, January 29, 2013.

It is simple to win, just tell us what’s the number one challenge you have in selling today, that given the opportunity you are determined to overcome by this time next year. Could be anything, better planning, work a process, overcome call reluctance, you name it; and then tell us what impact addressing will have on your sales success.  If you are a manger or other sales leader, do this for your team.  Best answers win tickets to the conference.

Looking forward to reading the responses may the best seller win!

Hey, but even of you don’t win, we have special pricing for friends of Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.  This year’s list of speakers includes: Jeffrey Gitomer, Dr. Robert Cialdini, Joe Navarro, Scott Stratten, Michael Vickers, and Richard Robbins.  You can get all the details AND Special Offer by clicking here, don’t forget to use the code RENBOR to get your special pricing.

Good luck, see you at the conference.
Tibor Shanto


  1. Mike

    It’s simple to answer – differentiation. This applies to everything in the sales cycle and to you personally. If you are the same old, your customer’s decision will come down to price as you make them breathe a commodity atmosphere.

  2. Tibor Shanto

    Hi Mike,

    Differentiation is key at all levels and stages of the sale.

    Thanks for the feedback,

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