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By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca


I often think that Nike got their famous tag line only half right, they should have added the word Now to Just Do It!

If you are a follower of this blog, you know I am big on process, a structured approach and a tight approach to time and what activities we spend time on.  Many mistake this for rigidity, and often push back on how it limits their creativity and spontaneity.  I beg to differ and here is a specific reason why.

I have been working with a group of experienced (or at least tenured) sales people.  Many too experienced to learn new tricks or skills, they know what they are doing and resist new things, man that sounds a lot like some prospects we all know, don’t it.  Working with one fellow, I noticed he had a running list of names on a note pad, when I asked he explained that these were people who popped into his head during that day, people he should call.  Either because he “had an angel on something” or he had not thought about them, and thought “I should give them a call”.  When I asked him when he calls them, he said “as soon as I get around to it”; when was the last time he did, “just before Christmas”, why the wait, hadn’t gotten around to it yet, nor did he get around to getting quota, coming in at about 83% last year.  What was he busy with that he could call them, was the initial thought still valid, no answer.

Personally, I call these people right away, hand held laws be damned, if I think of a good reason to call a prospect, or an up-sell potential client, I do it right away.  Before the thought and ENGERGY fade.  Call Now is my mantra.  If I am in a meeting, I make a note in my note book and it is the first thing that gets done when I am out of the meeting.

Waiting has a lot of risk.  First and foremost, is the call not getting done.  Even if it gets done later, it lacks the urgency and energy of a call made right there and then.  This kind of energy is just electric over the phone, the prospects feel your excitement and get caught up in the moment along with you.  There is few things as effective as telling a prospect “Hey Jon, I was just thinking about you!”  People love to be thought about, and if you tell them why and what you see happening next, it just gets through and makes a clear and powerful point.  The spontaneity, the excitement in your voice is contagious and effective.

I attribute my ability to make these calls, and succeed in making them to my process, the time I build into my day to experiment with selling and do off hand things like this when they present themselves.

So here is the challenge, next time you think about calling someone, call them, don’t make a note, don’t rationalize, call them, you never know what will happen, but I can predict what will be the outcome if you don’t.  So just do it NOW!

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Tibor Shanto

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