It’s Only an Emergency if You Haven’t Planned for It (#video)2

By Tibor Shanto –

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Many emergencies can be anticipated and planned for, thereby limiting their impact and your ability to succeed. On the other hand, many prefer emergencies to some key sales activities, like prospecting, so any emergency will do. Take a look to see what I mean:

Not Emergency

What’s in Your Pipeline?
Tibor Shanto




  1. Michael Kusuplos


    Ok, you have taken the first step – plan to fight a fire
    At X number of times during a certain time. This great, but the next step is investigating as to what the root cause of the problem is. Are the problems different? Similar? or the Same? Believe that once you know the cause of the problem that you install a process that prevents it and that will show the customer added value that dealing with your provides. Always do a recap of problems after they are solved to prevent it from happening again – VALUE is the silver lining of the dark cloud.

    • Tibor Shanto


      There no reason not to continue to look for improvement opportunity.


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