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Most sales people will tell me “get me on front of the right prospect, and I’ll close them every time”, OK, but getting in front of the right prospect is part of the job.  Maybe not the most fun part, but one that has to be executed regularly and consistently.

In addition to learning the skills it takes to engage someone, overcome their initial objections, and get them focused on the issue at hand, sales people also need to become better at being persistent and creative in how they approach people.  Too many give up to soon and too easily, and many limit the channels of communication.  While social media has changed some of this, at a core level, sellers need to be more persistent and more creative in engaging potential prospects.

Here are some means and reason to focus on this end of the sale as much as the other stages.

What’s in Your Pipeline?
Tibor Shanto


  1. Brecht

    You make some great points in this video that answer some common questions that I get from my subscribers. I’d like to know if you’d mind if I embed this in a blog post and (of course) give you a link back and attribution. I think this is something my readership should see.


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