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By Tibor

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There were two lists recently release by two different organizations you should all be aware of and make use of.  They both list sales influencers.  The first is Top Sales World’s Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers 2013, the other is OpenView Sales Labs Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2013.

What you will find on these list are a set of professionals with a wide range of advice, resources and ideas focused on helping you sell better.  What qualifies them for this list is not a common view of sales, in fact the people on the lists come from and offer contrasting views on sales and sales methodologies, but they are all experts in their field, which is why they are on these select list, some on there over multiple years.

I encourage you to get familiar with them as you are not only bound to discover many new ideas, have current successful ideas reinforced, and all in all sell better.

I have the honour of not only being on both lists, but being a repeat appearance on both.  For that I not only have to thank the committees tasked with producing a list that lives up to billing, but more importantly, you the loyal readers and supporters of this blog and my work elsewhere.

top50_left                   top25_right

Thank you,

Tibor Shanto


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