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And now a word from our sponsor, Order Takers Anonymous:

“Hi, my name is Jane, and I am an order taker.”

Here at Order Takers Anonymous we work every day with troubled order takers trying to live the life of sales person.

We understand the challenges and stress associated with having taken a sales job knowing that you are unprepared, unequipped and unwilling to do anything more than just take orders.

We work with troubled professionals every day looking to free themselves of the lies and limitations of just taking orders. Our goal is to help them shed the guilt and become productive contributing members of their organizations.

As a result of the work we do at Order Takers Anonymous, hundreds of fine and well meaning people are able to stop the charade of pretending to be in sales, to actually selling instead of just taking orders. Those who are unable to make the transition are rehabilitated and repurposed for a productive career in marketing or hospitality.

Through the years we have learned that many of the order takers who come to our clinic are themselves victims of poor management, mixed messages, and a lack of training. We know that these poor souls did not sign up for a career of mediocrity and non-contribution. They were lead there by weak leadership, a lack of direction and process that would help them sell rather than just wait for prospect or buyer to call and place an order just because of their “relationship”.

Our trained staff of professionals know that only those who confront their realities and take action can be successfully reintroduced and integrated into a real sales environment, ready to work, execute and contribute to their organization’s revenue and profit success.

So if you have order takers posing as sales reps in your organization, or if you are a poser yourself, and want to leave behind a life of order taking to become a fully productive member of the sales team, call our toll free number now (800) 661-8760, or visit our web site: www.ordertakersanonymous.com and register for a group meeting near you. It won’t be easy, you will work hard everyday like most sales people, but remember: you are what you sell, not an order you take.

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Tibor Shanto

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