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Some great reading over the last few days across a number of sales blogs, all with interesting and insightful reading about the economy, and what sales professionals can and need to do in the face of it.

Let’s start with a take on the lay-offs announced by Google, over at Ask the Manager, in a post titled “Google is Just Like Everyone Else…” poses the very compelling question of how after all is said and done, Google is mortal and no different than all the other companies. And if they are indeed no different, than when will they fall, what impact will that have not so much on the economy but the psyche of the market.

Over at Skip Anderson’s Selling to Consumers, Skip writes about the futility of denial in “You Refuse to Participate in this Recession? Get a Clue!”. So right, while we don’t have to be victimized by the economy, you can’t just simply pretend that things are not what they are. Skip serves up an interesting discussion on being real and prepared, rather than new age and broke.

But it’s not all dark, at The Entrepreneurial Salesman Blog Colin Wilson offers an opportunity for the sales community to step up and play a role in addressing the planet’s woes. In ‘What Can You Do?’, Colin juxtaposes events in the USA and the UK on January 20. One ushering in hope with the inauguration of a new President, the other looking and saving their largest bank after that bank showed the largest loss in UK history. But in the end, we are as sales professionals challenged to step up and bring back “buying”.

In the end, I think we can sit around and whine (or whinge), or we can invest energy, thought and creativity to take advantage of what is out there, just as we do in up markets.

Sell Well,
Tibor Shanto – The Pipeline

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