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Checking Not Doing Will Give You More Sales #video4


Time is the currency of sales, your most precious resource – how you spend it will determine your success, or…

The video below provides a great way to spend your time better, and save for things that will make you more productive and earn you more sales and success. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

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  1. Donald Mulhern

    Tibor, very relevant video and sound, effective suggestions. chunking helps us ensure we spend time on our highest priorities and by default limit the unproductive time suckers. Busy does not equal effective. And as you say, email can be a huge time sucker. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds of email so your suggestion to chunk time for that and checking/responding are right on. I might add that, at least for me and I suspect others, social media has become another potential time sucker if we don’t use discipline. I’ve started chunking that too. Great video!

    • Tibor Shanto


      Thanks for the feedback. You are 100% right about social, needs to be managed, chunk that too.


    • Fred Harrington

      That last thing you mentioned is exactly why I prefer to outsource my social media whenever possible. It’s just too easy for me to end up sucked into the social media void if I try to handle it myself!

      • Tibor Shanto


        Thanks for the feedback, I think you have to know what your time is worth, and if the activity is worth less, outsource it like you say.


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