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Not that I want to look past the end of the summer, but as successful sales people we always have to be planning ahead.  As we get ready to round the bend to the end of after Labour Day, it is not too early to start thinking about how we maximize our opportunities into the end of the year, and to kick 2014 off strong.

So if you are in Toronto, or driving or flying distance, mark down August 27 in your calendar, that is the day that we will be present the Proactive Prospecting Workshop.  Just in time for you to be able to hit the ground running with a vibrant and full pipeline.

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Sign up now and take advantage of the Early Bird Special, and multi attendee discounts.  Find out why past attendees say:

“Thanks for a stimulating and entertaining review of techniques to drive success.”

“Thank you Tibor, we have already started implementing many of the techniques and tracking systems you spoke of.” Jeff Sutton, Vice President, Business Development, ISB Corporate Services

“Tibor, thanks again for the training course. Your ability to address the concepts with reality puts power into the content.” Ingrid B. Gutzmann, Sales Manager, Major Accounts IKON Document Efficiency At Work

Invest in your success today, and answer with confidence when asked:  What’ in your Pipeline?


See The Art of Sales Live – #Contest0

Art of 2013

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Well boys and girls it is contest time again, yes it has been a while.  This contest is to win tickets to the The Art of Sales…, Canada’s foremost sales conference, taking place in Toronto, January 29, 2013.  This year’s list of speakers includes: Jeffrey Gitomer, Dr. Robert Cialdini, Joe Navarro, Scott Stratten, Michael Vickers, and Richard Robbins.  You can get all the details AND Special Offer by clicking here, don’t forget to use the code RENBOR to get your special pricing.

But wait, you could win tickets for this great event, right here from Renbor and The Pipeline.  So here is the deal, fill in the form below, especial the big box, because that’s how we’ll pick the winner.

What we are looking for is what’s the one challenge you have in sales today that you are determined to overcome by next January, 2014.  Could be better questioning, better prospecting, overcome call reluctance, etc., and how that will impact your success.  If you are a manger or other sales leader, do this for your team.  Best answers win tickets to the conference.

Looking forward to reading the responses may the best seller win!

What’s in Your Pipeline?
Tibor Shanto

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