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How Much?!0

I was talking with a prospect today, and when all was said and done it came down to guess what? Right, the price. Having had a price in mind in advance, I was not really worried about the discussion, and going in I knew the company was notorious for beating down vendors. It seems in the 1980’s this player was a leader in their field, everyone wanted to work with them and they usually dictated the terms; and while those days have long gone the way of the Ford Pinto, the person I was negotiating with apparently still had some Cool Aide left and was heavily into it during the call.

After some to and fro we got to my walk away price, which had been adjusted with the expectation that this would be a complex project and I would need to charge fair market value. This is where got good, right after I reminded him about how we agreed that they were getting great value, they would face considerable risk if they didn’t move forward, he gives me the old stand by: “well if you can’t do it for $X,XXX, we’ll have to go with an alternative.” I told him I understood and wished him luck.

The project starts mid March at my price. SWEET!

Never surrender and

Sell well!

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I couldn’t do that15

I love January, one of the busiest months of the year for me, lots of workshops, people want to meet, the buzz of optimism everywhere. All this makes it a lot easier to deal with some of the nay-sayers you meet. What brought this on was the number of sales people who respond to new ideas or new techniques by saying “I could never do that”.

Cool, more for those that do take things on board and incorporate it to their routine in winning deals and making money. You can see it as you look out over the room, the go getters who consistently deliver and make money are processing and inputting; you can see them putting it together in their minds, picturing how they will apply and monetize the concepts and techniques.

Some other faces you see them searching for how they can rationalize not using the concepts and methodologies, and why it will not work for them. It is an interesting look, this look of rationalization; it is very close to the look of fear, the fear of success. I would like to help them overcome, but they push back and reject the whole thing, the concept, the application, the offer to help to implement, I guess the money that they could make.

If someone out there can help me understand, I would welcome it, as it may help some of these otherwise fine reps make some money.

Sell well!

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Who Cares1

Back from Vancouver, the workshops went well, despite the fact that the materials never arrived thanks to a courier company that promised they would be there before I arrive, and as it stands now things may arrive today, after I am back. Great! When I called to find out what happened, no one had a reason. Well they did, but each of the four people gave me different reasons so I am assuming that no one knows. More importantly, no one seemed to care; not so much about the inconvenience to me and my client, but about the impact on their company and their reputation. Sad, I chose to use them because they were once my client, and I try to be loyal and reciprocate and send business to those that do business with me. I will continue to reward my customers, and it seems this company will continue to miss deliveries.

Sell well!

The Pipeline

Black Monday2

Well you definitely know that the sales year has started in earnest when you have to board your first flight of the year. Like a guitar player who hasn’t played for a few weeks, you have to build up your calluses.

The packing, kissing your wife and kids good bye; finding just the right parking spot at the airport, the checking in; the security the indignity and we’re not even at the gate yet. There is still that plastic dinner to be had. Off to Vancouver, and I know it’ll be good when I get there, but it just has that unique feel of the first trip of the year.

Like the song says:
“Pick up my feet
And kick off my lethargy
Down to the gate
With the old mood upon me”

Travel and Sell well!

The Pipeline

How much is too many?23

Recently I have been getting the same question come up during workshops: “How many times should I call a new prospect before I give up?” in reality most say “before we move on”, I hear “before I give up”; this is coming up much more than in the past. The reality is that sales professionals should be reaching out more time to any given prospect than they naturally feel comfortable doing.

There have been a number of studies that show that most reps will try three times then move on. Same studies show that it takes as much as 5 to 7 touch points for potential prospects to let us in. These can be phone calls, in reality voice mail, e-mail, or in some cases fax still works.

So if you are moving on after three tries, and your competitor calls twice the following week, you just primed the pump for his success.

Believe me they wont take it personally, you are not going to upset them, there is money in being professionally persistent! Meaning don’t hound them every day for eight weeks, but six time over the course of a couple of weeks will get you more meeting, and as result more sales, more referrals, etc.

Sell well!

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Thank you!1

What ever happened to the thank you note?

I continue to be amazed how a simple thing like a thank you note is overlooked by sales reps and sales organizations these days.

I am currently interviewing sales people to join our organization and I am puzzled by the fact that 9 out of 10 people I interview do not follow up with a thank you note or e-mail. It kills me, I mean here they are trying to impress me, in many ways I am prospect, and they can’t take 30 seconds to bang out a thank you e-mail.

Not only that but in workshops I do, when I mention that I send a thank you to every individual I have a first appointment with, even if the meeting goes nowhere. People are floored. “Doesn’t that take a lot of time?” they ask. These are professional sales people!

Yes it takes a whole of 30 second, and on a heavy day when I may have four first appointments, I actually sacrifice a whole two minutes. When I ask how many new customers most people see in a given week, it’s never more that 5 or 6, so how much time does it take.

Better question is what kind of impression does it leave with the prospect? Everyone tells me they want to differentiate themselves from other sales people; they tell me it’s about rapport and “the relationship”. So is there an easier way than to say thank you?

By the way, those that do not send me a thank you card after an interview, don’t get a second shot.

Sell well!

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Back to the fray!0

It may sound strange but it was fun getting back in the game yesterday. Had a good relaxing break, and while I was not restless, itching to get back to work, there was a welcoming familiar feel to things. It also helped that there were appointments booked, and proposals that had to be readied, the phone was in full swing, twisting back and forth from desk phone to mobile. And here we are this morning, about to head into the bright sunshine to claim one little piece of the prize. Calls today, workshop tomorrow, 2008 is off and running.

Based on the first couple of days, 2008 is looking good. How is it shaping up for you? Let us know, in the mean time,

Sell Well!

Bring on 2008!1

It’s a bright sunny day here in Toronto, hopefully a good omen to everyone still closing deals today, I salute your drive and wish you success in bringing in those last deals. For those of us who have the luxury of sitting today out and kicking back, well enjoy, and we’ll see you in 2008.

Happy New Year!

Sell Well,


Christmas Calling0

I was sitting in the office this morning, catching up, getting some things done while waiting for my kids to call and pick them up (at the mall). At about 11:00 my phone rang, and I pleasantly surprised to hear it was a cold call, an office supply place, not one of the big ones, but a local player. It was an alright pitch, but what I was fascinated by is that he was calling, and trying to fit an appointment in for later this week or Monday next.

I asked him why he was calling today, and working so hard to get me booked. He explained that he is above quota this year, and anything he brings in above quota he gets 12 cents on the dollar. Then he offered up the kicker, “If we can’t connect for this year, and we set something up late next week, I get the year started right”.

Merry Christmas and Sell Well!

They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!0

I walked into my dentist’s office this morning, in front of me was a pleasant young man who encouraged me to get ahead of him in line. I looked at him and asked him what he sells, a bit red faced and giggling, he said copiers, mentioned the company, and happens to compete with a company we trained. We exchanged pleasantries; he expressed interest in what I do, as we were interrupted by the receptionist. Once I was sorted out, I specifically selected a seat near the front so I can have a front row view of the sales play about to unfold.

Being familiar with the plot, I was more looking to see how he will unfold the themes, spice up his role as the hero, and finally get the receptionist involved in the story that will lead to his happy ending. I am not sure how it turned out, because I was called in mid way, but he wasn’t doing great while I was still there. He talked a lot about price, how great their service was, and asked when her current lease was up. While I was watching he did almost all the talking, she was hardly involved. If he gets the sale, it will be something she did rather than anything he said or did.

When I first talk to him, he asked how I know he was a sales person, I told him it was the way he allowed me in line, having watched him in action, and he just kept confirming it.

Sell well!

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