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I walked into my dentist’s office this morning, in front of me was a pleasant young man who encouraged me to get ahead of him in line. I looked at him and asked him what he sells, a bit red faced and giggling, he said copiers, mentioned the company, and happens to compete with a company we trained. We exchanged pleasantries; he expressed interest in what I do, as we were interrupted by the receptionist. Once I was sorted out, I specifically selected a seat near the front so I can have a front row view of the sales play about to unfold.

Being familiar with the plot, I was more looking to see how he will unfold the themes, spice up his role as the hero, and finally get the receptionist involved in the story that will lead to his happy ending. I am not sure how it turned out, because I was called in mid way, but he wasn’t doing great while I was still there. He talked a lot about price, how great their service was, and asked when her current lease was up. While I was watching he did almost all the talking, she was hardly involved. If he gets the sale, it will be something she did rather than anything he said or did.

When I first talk to him, he asked how I know he was a sales person, I told him it was the way he allowed me in line, having watched him in action, and he just kept confirming it.

Sell well!

Dealing with the holidays1

There is a tendency among sales people to ease up on their cold calling or appointment setting this time of year. In many cases they are encouraged by their managers to go out and close for the year end. In fact I often hear managers ask reps this time of year “what can we pull in from January to close the year stronger?”

While the thought behind this is legitimate, if you can accelerate a sales to close sooner without discounts or major concessions that is good. (Although I would ask if you can do that in December why not apply the same skills in August or November.) The question becomes what happens when you come back in January after a well deserved rest.If you were “closing” in the weeks leading up to the holidays, what shape is your calendar in for new prospect appointments in January? Usually pretty thin, since you were closing rather than setting appointments in December.

This time of year, more than ever, it is important that you set aside time every day to prospect for new opportunities to fill your Pipeline for the New Year. If you don’t then you are going to pay the price with a very slow start to the year, which will lead to pressure, which just perpetuates the whole thing again.

Acknowledging that it is important to close the year well, we recognize that this becomes a priority, all we suggest it don’t let the pendulum swing to far where you don’t prospect at all till the New Year. Prospect a little close a lot, and you can benefit now without paying a steep price in January. Let’s face it, it is already cold in January, why add to it.

Just sell it!

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