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2011 Sales & Marketing Success Conference

Benefiting Victims of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

As readers of The Pipeline, you are always looking for new and great ideas to improve your sales results, and a challenge.  Now you have an opportunity to get direct input from 35 of the world’s best know sales experts, all part of the 2011 Sales & Marketing Success Conference, presented by Top Sales World.

This coming week from May 9 to May 13, you can participate in the worlds biggest online conference ever, each seven of the world’s best will deliver webinars dealing with all aspect of sales and marketing success.  You can view and download the full schedule here.

Now while I would take in as much of the presentations as you can, in this case they did save the best for last.  Here is the line up for Day 5:

Friday May 13, I share the bill with a stellar group covering some hot topics:

12:00 Noon EDT – Paul McCord: Build a Solid Business on Referrals by Knowing Who Your Client Knows

12:45 PM EDT – Anthony Iannarino: Building Your 13-Week Sales Success Plan

1:30 PM EDT – Harlan Goerger: Success with the New Sales Paradigm: Different Thinking Brings Different Results

2:15PM EDT – Dave Stein: Sales 101 Isn’t Enough: Advanced Selling Capabilities for Outselling Your Competition

3:00 PM EDT – Eric Taylor: Success is Something You Attract by the Person You Become

3:45 PM EDT – John Doerr: Keys to Mastering Successful Rainmaking Conversations

Then whole event wraps up with me, Tibor Shanto, Friday May 13 at 4:30, presenting Success Through Execution!

The thing that makes this conference truly great is that all the funds collected will go directly to the relief fund for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Just four weeks after the Magnitude 9.0 Tohoku earthquake and a tsunami which delivered 46ft waves, we learn that the death toll is likely to top 25.000, and recovery is going to take not years, but possibly decades, maybe even a generation, at a cost of at least $250 billion.

This is an opportunity for anyone involved in the sales space to make a meaningful contribution to the Japanese Disaster Fund (via the Red Cross).   We estimate that after administration charges levied by banks/PayPal, we will be able to contribute around 95% of all registration donations.

The plan is to charge just $5 registration fee per presentation.

Here is the challenge, pick you favourite sales leaders and sign up, now, don’t wait, procrastination kills success.  Even if you only participated in five presentations, just look above; that is $25 investment.  If you implemented one solid practice from each presentation, and ended up closing one more deal in the next quarter from each what’s that worth to you?  Knowing that in he process you are helping a worthy cause, how much is that worth.

Again, don’t wait, pick your presentation, and reserve your seat now, and participate in this most unique online event.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to having you sit in.

Tibor Shanto
Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.

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