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Houston, We Have The Solution!74

On Thursday October 18, The Proactive Prospecting Workshop is coming to Houston, specifically to Four Points by Sheraton Houston Southwest, at 2828 Southwest Freeway, Houston.

If you are in B2B sales, and need to engage with more new prospects, mark this date on your calendar, then sign up for this full day interactive prospecting program.

Whether you are with a small company or large,  veteran or just launching your career, this workshop will give you the fundamentals needed to connect and engage with more qualified buyers.

We leave dogma at the door, this is not about old school vs. new school, this is about executing a proven methodology for prospecting more effectively and filling your pipeline with the quality prospects in the right  quantities.  This is the same program that has helps thousands of sale professionals improve their skills and increase prospects and sales.  Sales professional in dozens of companies are using the methods and process delivered in the Proactive Prospecting Workshop to deliver consistent results.

What you’ll learn…

  • Overcome the fear of cold calling
  • Develop techniques for making successful cold calls
  • Take a proactive role in filling your sales pipeline
  • Write effective e-mails – Leave voice mail messages that get returned
  • Handle Objections – win more  appointments

To learn more about the results sellers have realised just click here to read success studies, or watch what they said after attending the Proactive Prospecting Workshop.

Every New Customer begins as a Prospect!

Start filling your pipeline with Real Prospects!

Learn more at www.proactiveprospecting.com
Sign up today, seating is limited to 100 people!

Early Bird Specials Available – Multi-Attendee offers
ADDED BONUS – 500 FREE leads from LeadFerret.com
The Proactive Prospector’s Guide to Objection Handling Booklet

Call – (855) 25-SALES

Sign Up Today! And always be confident when asked:

What’s in Your Pipeline?
Tibor Shanto

Contest – Enter To Win!29


As you may have noticed over to the right, we are presenting the Proactive Prospecting Workshop in Toronto/Markham, scheduled for April 13.  We want your help in spreading the word we are holding a contest.


First Prize

A collection of three top sales books, including my award winning book on Trigger Events.  PLUS, if the winner is in the Toronto area the day of the workshop, you will be our guest free, bring a friend, and hey we’ll find a seat for them too!

Second Prize

A copy of the award winning book on Trigger Events

What you need to Win

Simply promote the workshop by tweeting it to your friends, followers, neighbors, former lovers, etc.  But to qualify and win the tweet has to include three things:

The following tags – #ppmark #contest #toronto (all three tags need to appear in each tweet)
This specific link to the workshop site – http://bit.ly/PP-contest
Your twitter ID – very important as we it to tally your totals

Here is an example:  I wanna go to the Proactive Prospecting Workshop in #Toronto http://bit.ly/PP-contest #ppmark by @you #contest #toronto

And remember if you get your friends to retweet, it adds to your total.

Good luck, and if you have question, just write us at info@sellbetter.ca

Start tweeting and Good Luck!

Toronto Action Summit – October 16 -1714

If you are in Toronto this weekend, October 16 – 17, you should plan to attend the Toronto Action Summit.  This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, individual business owners, or anyone looking to take things to the next level to not only hear from 9 leading experts, but to network with like minded successful local peers who can be there and help with you success.  From Marketing to Personal Healt, you will hear from people who are involved in making it happen daily.

I of course will be speaking on sales, specifically “Execution – The Last Word In Sales!“.

Register today, take advantage of special pricing offered to readers of The Pipeline.  When you enter the Code: FRIEND25, you will be able to purchase tickets for just $25 versus the regular $97, a $72 saving.

Your Price: $25
List Price: $97
Enter Code: FRIEND25
Please note if you are buying multiple tickets you will need to buy each individually and enter the code separately for each.

Click here for Details and to Register!

Selling At The Speed Of Silence9

Sometime watching sales people in action is like watching a tennis match; prospect asks something and we lob back an answer right away.  Other times the prospect will make a comment, and we slam back an answer, at times with more top spin than one would ever need.  While there are a number of good lessons in sports for sales people, a meeting should not look like the final match at a Grand Slam event.
There are a couple of reasons this happens and a larger number of factors that contribute to it, all of which can be controlled by the seller.  One reason is we want to convey knowledge and confidence, and by “having the answer” we feel that we demonstrate this; not true.  The second is the lack of a specific goal and related plan with respect to where and how we want the meeting to go and end. 

Don’t Forget today’s Free Webinar       

Today is the first of a three part webinar series on Mastering Trigger Events to Increase Sales.  Today’s focus: Exploit Untapped Opportunities: 3 Strategies for Using Executive Sales Triggers.

1-2PM Eastern (10-11AM Pacific, 6-7pm UK)    

What’s In Your Pipeline?17

 It’s almost the end of May, nearly June, the half way mark for the year, how is the year so far?  What’s in your pipeline, do you have visibility through the summer?  If these questions make you cringe, and you are in the Toronto area June tenth, you can be proactive and do something about it.

In today’s economy, businesses cannot afford to wait for customers to beat a path to their door. Companies must “go on the offensive” and take a proactive approach to finding new sources of revenue. Companies that achieve exceptional revenue growth understand that one of the most critical steps in building a pipeline of new prospects is to get that first appointment. The Ultimate Appointment Making Workshop helps your sales representatives get their “foot-in- the-door” with new prospects so they can begin selling.

The Ultimate Appointment Making Workshop enables sales representatives to use proven methods for generating leads, overcome the fear of call reluctance, capitalize upon referrals, and secure more appointments with decision-makers.
“A fabulous, pragmatic approach that is very focused on getting an appointment using cold calling.”

The Ultimate Appointment Making Workshop Benefits:
As a result of this Workshop participants will:
  • Take a proactive role in filling their sales pipeline
  • Understand the value of building their base of prospects
  • Develop techniques for making successful calls
  • Use Impact Questions
  • Learn about LinkedIn, Twitter and other sources for leads
  • Turn leads into viable prospects by getting that first appointment
  • Take a proactive role in filling their sales pipeline
  • How to best allocate your time
  • Create and leverage referrals
  • Calling the right people at all levels
  • Leave voicemail messages that get returned
  • Overcome the fear of cold call reluctance
  • Effectively deal with gatekeepers
  • Use references to penetrate new accounts
  • Manage and effecively deal with common objections during initial call
  • Generate more sales as they secure more new appointments
Participants will see immediate payback for this one-day workshop as participants begin using these new skills the very next day.

When Sales Met Marketing21

Find More Prospects and Close More Sales – Toronto (Markham)

Friday, February 05, 2010 from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM (ET)

Marketing Will Find More Prospects
Sales Will Close More Customers

We have one goal with this unique workshop. Combine our marketing and sales expertise to help Small and Medium Sized Business achieve the success they deserve.

While most business owners underrate the need to continuously market and drive revenue through proactive sales, they usually excel at one over the other.  Matching up good marketing with intelligent sales practices is an unbeatable combination, and is very doable.

Sales and Marketing can work together to achieve a greater result. Good, well thought out Marketing and a strong Sales Plan delivers a real significant increase in sales and a substantial ROI (Return On Investment).  The secret is simultaneous execution.

Our workshop provides a straight forward methodology, step by step process and action plan for SMB owners and leaders to easily integrate it into their business and achieve greater revenue and market share immediately.

Join us as we deliver a hands-on, highly impactful and unique workshop that will equip you to generate more leads, source more prospects and consistently convert them to more revenue.  By improving your strategy and execution and engaging the right buyers you will see faster and more ongoing returns.

Event Details
Toronto (Markham) February 5, 2010

• Half day interactive workshop.
• Full breakfast.
• 4 follow through conference calls.
• Free $299 credit toward your next purchase from Scott’s Directories* effectively pays for the entire workshop.

Just $299 + GST for everything!

Workshops, Webinars and SELF Improvement10

Top 10 Sales Articles - Article of the Month - vote here
The Ultimate Appointment Making Workshop

Well it’s that time again, back by popular demand, we are proud to announce that we are once again presenting the Ultimate Appointment Making Workshop.  If you are in the Toronto area, or in South West Ontario, you owe it to yourself to attend this popular workshop.

This workshop focuses on the most important thing in sales: a proactive approach to getting in front of prospects who can make decisions.  Participants who have attended the Ultimate Appointment Making Workshop have been able to put what they have learned in to practice the next. 

The Ultimate Appointment Making Workshop is a fast paced interactive day focused on execution, no theory here, we want you to make money.

Find out more and register at the Ultimate Appointment Making Workshop site, to fully experience a day that will change the way you prospect and sell, join us on November 5th, at the Monte Carlo Inn Vaughan Suites.

Recession Buster Webinar

On your way to the Ultimate Appointment Making Workshop, you can also take in a series of great webinars presented by fellow Top Sales Expert Paul McCord

These seminars will resonate with new sales professionals and veterans alike, this is not the same old same old passive webinar, it is a series that will help you drive your business to new heights.

As Paul proudly points out: “You’re not going to hear some worthless drival like “ask for referrals,” or “tell everyone you meet what you do,” or “set a goal to make 50 dials a day and you’ll succeed.”

No crap here, no recycled discredited ideas, just actionable, workable and proven strategies.

So do yourself and your pipeline a favour and jump on the Recession Buster webinar.

The Sales Executive Leadership Forum (SELF)

SELF-logo (4)

Another Top Sales Leader and fellow Torontonian Steve Rosen has introduced an unique program for sale leaders looking to maximize and take their leadership to the next level?

The Sales Executive Leadership Forum (SELF) brings together sales leaders from diverse industries, each with individual philosophies, to create a high-calibre learning forum. You may feel your business issues are unique to your industry, but sales leadership crosses all boundaries.

By joining the SELF leadership think tank you can connect with like-minded sales leaders who totally understand your challenges and frustrations! Learn from the best and become the best.
SELF offers a confidential environment of trust and openness. The skills and insights you gain will translate into new approaches to driving sales performance.
Join a group of sales executives like you who are inspired and motivated to solve ongoing challenges and develop best practices!
Invest in your SELF and “harness the power of the collective wisdom of your peers”

BTW, you have no risk. If you register before Sept. 26th , 2009 you receive the first two month FREE.

There you are, three great opportunities to ensure a strong finish to the year while building momentum for a great 2010.

What’s in Your Pipeline?
Tibor Shanto

Renbor TV – Video Delight!12


Some time ago we introduced Radio Renbor, as a means of highlighting interviews I had done with different outlets.  We warned people at the time that unless they took concrete steps, we would soon be introducing video.  That time has come!

Yesterday we posted our first video on You Tube, but rather that have our friend search for this gem among the millions on You Tube we present it here for your viewing pleasure.  Once you have watched once or thrice, and have recovered, please share with your friends, neighbours, congressmen, members of parliaments and anyone else you know would benefit from the experience.  We would also welcome you honest feedback, and those of your immediate family.

Of course it goes without saying that I thank you for viewing, thank you for your ongoing support, and invite you to come back tomorrow as we will be returning with our usual look at sales and the age old question:

What’s in Your Pipeline?
Tibor Shanto


Top Sales Experts E-Book10

Top Sales Experts E-Book Summer 2009

The latest in the series of e-books by the Top Sales Experts is now available for download. If you are looking for more than drama, sex, intrigue in your summer reading; something that will increase sales and has a twisting plot, just click on the lovely cover graphic above, put on your sunscreen and enjoy.

What’s in Your Pipeline?
Tibor Shanto

Free Tickets to The Art of Sales in Toronto March 26, 20096

Renbor Sales Solutions Inc. is giving away two free tickets to The Art of Sales.

If you or someone you know will be in, or near the Greater Toronto Area on March 26, 2009, just fill in the Contest Entry Form for a chance to win.

At The Art of Sales you’ll hear leading speakers two of the speakers, including:


Remember to complete Contest Entry Form for your chance to win.

Sell well,
Tibor Shanto – The Pipeline

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