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By Tibor Shanto –

Child with PC asking

Maybe You Should!

When you get to be my age you end up spending a lot of time with adults, full of expectations, bound by ritual, shackled by their habits, blinded by their opinions, limited by their knowledge. So it was refreshing to spend some time with some so five to seven year olds last week. Beyond their energy level, I came to see why kids are the best sales people on the planet.

Once I adjusted for the noise level and energy I began to notice their sales skills come to the fore. First I noticed is that they have little or no inhibitions. They will try anything without stopping to figure out “why not”, they are just happy to have the experience. How many times have you coached a “professional sales rep”, asked them to do something they knew needed to be done to move the sale forward or close it, only to have recite a laundry list of why they can’t do that? Keep in mind that what they are being asked to do is not illegal, immoral, or unethical. In many cases these are the very things their colleagues are executing day in and day out to win deals, and exceed goal. Yet the reps in question will tell you why they can’t or won’t, and sadly, often the reasons are the same no matter the activity, a closed mind that limits only their success. While these kids are willing to try anything, especially when their friends are doing it and having fun in the act. In fact you are more likely to tell them not to do things, and they respond by asking “Why?” every sales person secret weapon word.

I was answering a prospect’s e-mail on my handset, and right a barrage of question, “who you writing, what are you writing, why, why them, what for, what are you gonna get out of it, why now, what are they gonna get out of it, what if you didn’t write them, do you have to answer everything they asked, will you buy me an ice cream with the money you make?”

And a million other questions. Brilliant, so energizing, because it made me have to think, just like questions make your prospect think, it challenges them to look beyond the race that is their day, to thinking about specific things. The questions they asked made me think about what and how I answered the e-mail. Credit for getting the next step I wanted should got to the kids.

One other thing about their questions is that they didn’t give a rat’ what about being politically correct, they just wanted the facts, they were not rude, nasty, or anything negative, just not hung up on all the adult things sales people tend to get hung up on.

They are also great closers, the best man. They know what they want, laser focus, and totally consumed by figuring out what they want and how to get it. Can you say persistent? I remember my oldest son approaching me when he was around seven, trying to get cookies for his brother and he.

“Dad, can Ez and I have a cookie? One or Two”

I had to give him permission for two, how many did your prospect give you?

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Tibor Shanto


  1. Steve DiGioia

    Great article Tibor. Another benefit with selling like a child is that they, unlike most experienced sales people, don’t have the fear of rejection yet and are not afraid to ask.

    • Tibor Shanto


      No worries about rejection because the end result is bigger than the fear.

      Thanks for the feedback,

  2. Marc Zazeela


    We should all take a lesson from kids. They are fearless. They are curious. They have boundless energy. They don’t quit.


    • Tibor Shanto

      Hi Marc,

      I wonder when we lose that?


      • Piotr Leczycki

        Hi Tibor,

        Maybe not all have it lost.
        Probably some of this is lost when you fall into routine – when your additional effort doesn’t count and there are strict rules you need to obey. Some people burn out and they loose the will…

        Great article Tibor, had a good read btw


        • Tibor Shanto


          Routine does kill creativity.

          Thanks for the feedback,

  3. InnkeeperVA

    Great article! I have passed it on to many innkeepers I know. K.I.S.S. is always the best way…

    • Tibor Shanto

      K.I.S.S is best.

      Thanks for the input.


  4. tcamba

    I saw your insights in the bizsugar commuinty and the title catches my attention. I mean, what do you mean selling like a child? until I read your article and that leaves me a thought to ponder on especially that I am in the business right now and marketing is my expertise.


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