A Chat About Prospecting #BBSradio1

By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca 

Radio Renbor the pipe

That time again, when Michele Price’ and I get together to talk sales on BREAKTHROUGH radio.  This month we talk prospecting, I know your favourite.

To hear my segment from last week, click on the image below.

Tibor Shanto

Live Cast

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  1. Hyungjoon

    Good Insight! Online Marketing is a Wonderland rabbit hole where it is easy for a new comer to get lost. I am of the same ooipinn than Big Al:- Use non-duplicatable method to build a huge front line.- Teach them a duplicatable model that works for them.So it is crucial to be able to train and teach duplicatable method even thou we use high volume marketing strategies.

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