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6 Little Things You Can Do to Make Your Business Shine0

The Pipeline Guest Post – Megan Totka

If you want to make your business stand out, that doesn’t mean you have to make big changes. Sometimes the littlest things can make a significant difference. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to the tiny tweaks that can make a positive impact on your business – make the things you were waiting to do tomorrow happen today. Make the changes happen now and don’t push off doing the things that can help make your business stand out. Here are 6 tips to help you make effective changes to your marketing efforts and improve your business.

Discover the features of a strong website.
Every website should be one of a kind. However, there are certain features that many of the best websites have in common. Choose a design that is clear and tasteful and one that makes it easy to figure out what the next step is for customers. Your website is the chance for you to communicate effectively with your customers’. Use simple visual themes over busy graphics so your customer’s eye goes where you want him to go. Remember that your website is part of your marketing program — so make it strong.

Integrate your email marketing with your social media efforts.
Email and social media are both vital parts of many marketing plans- they’re just two different avenues to reach your customers. If you are having trouble with either method, the solutions may be getting them to work with each other. Shareaholic says that Facebook is the number one referral traffic source for websites. However, email has a lot of perks too. Instead of turning this into a social media marketing versus email match, work to integrate the two methods so they actually help each other (and help your business). There are many ways you can become the smartest internet marketer of 2016 and integrating email and social media tops that list.

Improve your sales funnel.
What is a sales funnel? It is the process people go through as they purchase products or services from your business. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes through the process to be able to improve your sales funnel. It’s ideal to shorten the sales cycle to quicken the sales process – so you need to understand the buyer’s perception of time. No matter how good a business’ product may be, the ability to guide customers through the sales funnel to bring in revenue can be the difference between success and failure. Time is a scarce commodity, so make it a point to figure out how to ramp up the buyer’s sense of urgency.

Conquer your fear of writing your business plan.
Fear. It is one of life’s greatest sources of regrets. It can hold business owners back from doing many things – but you should not allow that to happen. If you are thinking of starting your own business, get over your fear of writing your business plan. Know that you will make mistakes – all business owners do, but hopefully you will have more successes than failures. Keep that in mind.

Overcome barriers to creativity.
Innovation is an important part of running a business. However, barrier to creativity come up on occasion, so it’s crucial to think creatively through all stages of business growth. It’s easy to slip into bad decision habits that limit business, but work hard to keep your business thinking creative.

Take the occasional sabbatical.
From time to time, it can be beneficial for you and your business if you take a deep breath and step back from your day-to-day tasks. This can help you gain a fresh perspective and help rejuvenate you for the future. Step away and press the reset button from time to time. Whether you take a staycation, enjoy a break outdoors, go to the spa, or learn something new – step away and enjoy the power of the pause.

It’s normal for the optimism and energy to subside after the newness of a business wears off. However, a successful business needs to be nurtured and grown in the right way in order to meet your expectations. The right strategies and efforts will pay off one hundredfold if you stick to them – get ready to see your business shine.

What small changes have you made in your business to help it stand out?

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