360 Deal Review

Today’s demanding market dictates that sales people need to manage and balance many moving parts to deliver the revenue their organization requires. While some things change, others continue as they have for some time, the risk in both is the unexpected, the unanticipated change, the one variable that leads to success or failure. Rather than leaving it to chance, winning sales organizations understand that they need to learn both from their success and their losses, then integrate that knowledge with their sales process to deliver consistent results.

Understanding why you win deals will help you better identify future buyers soon, understand what made them buy from you so you can lead with those elements moving forward, and accelerate your cycle by working with the right people, at the right time for the right reasons.

consistent review

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Using a consistent review for all transactions allows you and your team to identify the best opportunities, confidently abandon those that present a pattern of unsuccessful past deals. At the same time by understanding while some decisions are not made, you can re-engage and reignite opportunities others would pass by or miss.

Using a dynamic and updateable tool, sales reps and organizations can quickly capture salient characteristics of a transaction, and quickly calibrate their sales. By observing and responding quickly and with confidence based on empirical data, approaches can be changed to save deals that previously may have been lost and or accelerate other transactions. By knowing why decisions were not made, you can re-engage these buyers when conditions change long before the market does.

Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.

resource time

With the cost of sales and related resources, you want to ensure that your reps are spending their most valuable resource, time, with thos prospects most liely to deliver revenue and long term relationships. The five minutes you invest after each deal, will pay dividends the next day and beyond

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