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By Tibor Shanto

While the president may be set to pardon a turkey today, I am not sure we should be so generous when it comes to some offences committed by some in sales.  While we may not be willing to pardon or forgive, it seems worthwhile to look at some turkey moves sellers, at times including myself, make in the course of their day.


While there are many words used in sales that should be banned (not just from sales, but the planet), there are some that are just irritating and either confuse buyers, or put them off completely.  I have written about “empty calorie” words in sales, words like ‘productivity’, ‘solution’, or ‘efficiency’, and others.  I think we have done a good job of eradicating the use of ‘synergy’, we now need to apply the same discipline and focus on eliminating the word ‘Awesome’.

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