3 R’s of Prospecting Success26

In the pas I have posted about leads being a renewable resource.  Still many sales people do not bring the same sense of environmental consciousness to their prospecting and leads as they do to other aspects of their lives.  They litter the pavement with perfectly good leads they choose to discard for no good reason at all.

The 3 R’s are Reuse, Revisit, Reduce.  Reuse leads on a regular basis, you never know how time changes their reaction to your message.  Revisit prospects who started a sales cycle with but did not finish, ending in no decision; as time moves forward, they may be ready to reengage, either because they still need to do something.  With a well planned Contact Program, you can Reduce the time, effort and cost of converting leads to prospects, and clients.

Take a look:

Next Steps

  • Set a schedule to call all the prospects that went to no decision over the last 12 months
  • Develop and implement a Contact Strategy
  • Even when a lead says no, ask who they know that would see value in the discussion, easy and cost effective way to sources further leads.

What’s in Your Pipeline?
Tibor Shanto

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